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      Varley nodded.Very well. It is like the bargain Lilias and I made yesterday. Yes, you were quite right. I dont know why they were so kind to mea stranger. But they were kind, very. I think I was a little frightened about meeting the duke. I dont know what I expectedsomething very grand and awful, but he was not at all what I expected; and I think him the dearest old gentleman I have ever seen. I dont think I could ever be frightened of him.

      Some one was at the piano; they were playing the waltz which had been playing the night he had stood beside Esmeralda when she dropped her bracelet over the balcony. God! what a fool he had been not to know that he loved her even then!Lady Ada was not Lady Macbeth, and though she had dealt what she hoped would prove a mortal blow to Esmeraldas happiness, she was inwardly quaking as to the result. The schemes of mice and menand even womenhave sometimes an awkward knack of ganging aglee. It was just possible that Esmeralda had succeeded in explaining away what Lady Ada considered the irrefutable evidence of her guiltmen are such fools where women are concerned! She desired, yet dreaded, to see Trafford. If Esmeralda had got over him and persuaded him of her innocence, he would be sure to turn upon her (Lady Ada), and all would be over between them. She herself was convinced of Esmeraldas guilt. She didnt believe for a moment in the telegram or Lady Druces illness. Esmeralda had found an opportunity of warning Norman; and he was off, as a man always is on such occasions.

      I was behind the bank in the fernery to-night, he said in a low voice.and it was she who, as they crossed Calliope street, first espied the rear of the procession, in column of fours again, it was she who flashed tears of joy as they whirled into Erato street to overtake the van and she was first to alight at the station.


      Poor Anna. She led the way into the family group actually wheedled into the belief that however she had blundered with her lover, with Flora she had been clever. And now they heard the only true account of how Captain Beauregard and General Steve had taken Fort Sumter. At the same time every hearer kept one ear alert toward the great open windows. Yet nothing came to explain that Kincaid's detention up-town was his fond cousin's contriving, and Sumter's story was at its end when all started at once and then subsided with relief as first the drums and then the bugles sounded--no alarm, but only, drowsily, "taps," as if to say to Callender House as well as to the camp, "Go to slee-eep ... Go to slee-eep ... Go to bed, go to bed, go to slee-eep ... Go to slee-eep, go to slee-eep ... Go to slee-ee-eep."



      The universal delirium of fright and horror had passed. Through all the city's fevered length and breadth, in the belief that the victorious ships, repairing the lacerations of battle as they came, were coming so slowly that they could not arrive for a day or two, and that they were bringing no land forces with them, thousands had become rationally, desperately busy for flight. Everywhere hacks, private carriages, cabs, wagons, light and heavy, and carts, frail or strong, carts for bread or meat, for bricks or milk, were bearing fugitives--old men, young mothers, grandmothers, maidens and children--with their trunks, bales, bundles, slaves and provisions--toward the Jackson Railroad to board the first non-military train they could squeeze into, and toward the New and Old Basins to sleep on schooner decks under the open stars in the all-night din of building deckhouses. Many of them were familiar acquaintances and chirruped good-by to the Callenders. Passes? No trouble whatever! Charlie need only do this and that and so and so, and there you were!And you own all this? she asked, pausing to look round. All the houses, all the farms, and the people?